Social Marketing Innovation in Tobacco Control

Social entrepreneurship is transforming India!
A social entrepreneur leading the start-up “Guider Innoversity Network Pvt. Ltd”, a start-up incubated at ACIC RISE Association, CEC, Landran presented a case study on “Social Marketing Innovation in Tobacco Control” at the 2nd National Conclave on Best Practices in Tobacco Control. Senior national and state officials from the Indian government, academics, and NGOs from 15 states participated in the national conference to discuss and collect 25 successful, repeatable methods for tobacco reduction in India. Dr. Gandhi is a social innovator who has spent a lot of time working on social tech innovation to produce an AI-based solution for society to assist people to give up using cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. He gave advice to the audience on overcoming drug addiction and moving toward a society free of drugs.