Diwali Fest “Start, Smart and Rise”

The ACIC RISE Association, CEC Landran organised two day’s Diwali Fest “Start, Smart and Rise” to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. In the festival, multitude of entrepreneurs participated and showcased their unique products and services. Mr. Satish Kumar Arora, Ms. Nitika Khurana, Mr. Sahil Makkar and Mr. Govind Kaushik from TiE Chandigarh visited each cubical engaging in one-on-one conversations with the business owners. This provided an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to share their journey, challenges, and aspirations, fostering a sense of community and mutual learning. The event was graced by our honourable management Rashpal Singh Dhaliwal and esteemed guests, Ms. Karmjit Kaur Dhaliwal and Ms. Bismin Brar. In addition to the entrepreneurial showcase, the festival also embodied the spirit of giving through its Institutional Social Responsibility activity. Our Guests played a pivotal role in this initiative, distributing Diwali presents, clothing, and candles to the underprivileged individuals residing in the nearby slums. This gesture of good will not only brought joy to the recipients but also added a layer of warmth and inclusivity to the Diwali celebrations. In conclusion, the “Start, Smart and Rise” Diwali Fest, organized by the ACIC RISE Association, was a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, community engagement, and social responsibility, truly encapsulating the essence of the festival of lights.”