Awareness of the beautiful handicrafts

Many inventors have brilliant jugaads but lack fundamental business knowledge in areas such as product development, financing, marketing, and sales, which may actually make it difficult for them to transform their idea into a successful company. To establish a business on top of your jugaad product, you must acquire new skills, be clear about your ultimate goals, and take persistent steps in the correct direction.

We’re thrilled to announce that ACIC RISE and Punjab State Council for Science and Technology (PSCST) have joined forces to raise awareness of the beautiful handicrafts produced by neighborhood craftspeople in Chudilala village, Mohali, Punjab. With thoughtful conversations on the skill of handicrafts and how we might help our local communities, our workshop was a great success. Dr. Manpreet Singh from PSCST gave a quick overview of the many Punjab government initiatives supporting grassroots innovators. We would especially want to thank Ms. Sapna Sharma for her skill in guiding the participants in the design. All the local participants are to be commended for making this a special occasion.